What is P.I.L.F.?

P.I.L.F. provides law school students with the unique opportunity to design their own summer clerkships in the public interest letgal field. Students who apply for the P.I.L.F. funding pursue their own interests and create their own opportunities. Each applicant selects an appropriate agency, arranges the details of the clerkship with the agency, and ensures that the proposal meets all of the P.I.L.F. criteria (can be anywhere in the country, not just Minnesota). Students, staff, and faculty of Hamline University School of law fund P.I.L.F. by participating in the Silent Auction Fundraiser that takes place in the spring, in conjunction with the Barrister's Ball.

The selection committee will decide which summer clerkships will be funded by deciding on the basis of anonymous applications and anonymous recommendations by the MJF Staff Attorney. Each selected proposal will receive a grant of approximately $4,000 for ten weeks of full-time work. Please note that this amount is contingent upon the success of the Silent Auction Fundraiser. Last year, we were able to fund one $4,000 full-time P.I.L.F.

Who Can Apply?

Any Hamline law student, who will be returning to H.U.S.L. in Fall 2015 may apply. Each applicant must submit a complete application that includes a resume, description of the proposed project and a letter of commitment from the agency. All applications are reviewed by the M.J.F./P.I.L.F. committee to ensure adherence to clerkship guidelines. If an application does not meet P.I.L.F. program criteria, the application will not be considered.

What is the Selection Process?

The Committee is made up of the P.I.L.F. Chair, an M.J.F. Board member, and a H.U.S.L. Faculty member, as well as the M.J.F. Staff Attorney, who does not participate in the selection. Anonymous summaries of each proposal are distributed from the Staff Attorney to the Committee, who determines the strongest applications based on the applications. M.J.F. awards P.I.L.F. grants beginning with the highest ranked proposal and continues until that year's funding is exhausted.


Applications are due into the Registrar's Office by the Spring Semester. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the application or process please contact mjf@hamlinesba.com.

This is a great opportunity to serve communities and organizations that need legal support, all while getting paid. What is better than that?